The resumeGen supports the following simple strategy approaches to achive resume management goals:

  1. Separation between content and style. Don't worry about the presentation style of your final document - the system will do it for you. Just concentrate on resume content - all the necessary and helpful information, which could benefit you as potential candidate for a targeted job.

  2. Multiple versions for single content. You will create and maintain only one set of information. You will also mark different parts of your single resume content with different variant labels. When you are ready to generate a final document (version of resume) for a specific job opportunity, just select a variant(s) suitable for the current job target. The resumeGen will generate an appropriated version of your resume automaticly.

  3. Different file formats for the same document. Don't bother yourself with conversions or adjusting your document from one format to another. The resumeGen will generate your document in any of most popular document formats for a resume: HTML, PDF, RTF, Doc Word, text and etc.