The resumeGen - building and automatic synchronization of multiple versions of your resume.

It is obvious that in today's computer-driven society, there is simply no excuse for having a one-resume-fits-all-job-opportunities situation.

If you are using multiple strategies and approaches to search for a job, you'll probably need multiple versions of your resume. It usually makes sense to tailor the resume to every job opening you are targeting. The core of your resume could remain the same, but you might need to modify certain aspects, such as job objective or professional profile.

There are many resume building services available that support hosting of multiple resume versions. However, there are no tools that would allow you to synchronize and automatically update multiple versions of your resume. When a user needs to create a new version of the resume to target a different job objective, or to modify certain aspects of the professional background to better fit a particular job opening, the user has to create a new version of resume, customize its content, and manually modify it every time the level of professional experience or other relevant info gets updated.

If a user already has many different customized versions of the resume, at some point he/she will certainly want to enhance a general part of the resume, to add new information, and to clarify some resume version-specific areas. This is where the real problems start: it's very error-prone and time-consuming to manually synchronize all the existing resume versions after any update in the general part of resume. Supporting multiple resume versions gets even more complicated for seasonal professionals with rich professional experience.

Our application solves those problems.

resumeGen is a unique web-based service that allows the user to build and automatically synchronize multiple versions of a resume from a centralized data repository. Every version of the resume could be generated in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF, DOC (Microsoft Word) and text.

And because it is web-based, you don't even need to install it!

The checklist: what can it do for you?

! Increase your chances of getting an interview dramatically.
! Generate a customizable resume version for new job opportunity in minutes.
! Keep all versions of your resume synchronized - all the time.
! Download your resume version in all most required file formats.
! The service is available from anywhere and anytime.
! And... it's for free!

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