Q. How many different resumes should I have -- and why?
A. There are different types of resumes for different job-hunting methods -- and if you are using multiple strategies and approaches to search for a job, you'll probably need multiple versions of your resume. In reality, you should tailor your resume to each potential employer. The core of your resume remains the same, but you might need to modify certain aspects, such as job objective or professional profile. In today's society, there simply is no excuse for having a one-resume-fits-all job opportunities situation.

Q. Who will benefit the most from resumeGen?
A. Seasonal professionals with rich professional experience maintaining multiple versions of their resume.

Q. What is resumeGen NOT?
A. It is not a regular resume builder that guides a user through a wizard to build a resume from scratch, hosts it, faxes it and emails it. resumeGen allows the user to create and host a resume, but what makes it a truly unique service is its ability to synchronize and automatically update multiple versions of a resume.

Q. How many different versions of a resume could be maintained and hosted by resumeGen?
A. There is no limit. Maintain as many versions as you want.

Q. What output formats are supported?
A. The generated documents could be downloaded in HTML, PDF, RTF, text or MS Word formats.

Q. Does resumeGen have a wizard allowing the user to import existing resumes to the resumeGen data repository?
A. This function will be implemented in the next version of resumeGen.

Q. What do I need to install to start using resumeGen?
A. Nothing. resumeGen is a web-based service, so all you need is a browser.